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Get a discount of up to 7 USD (28,000 Riel) on Grab rides! 📣 ​

​Grab the FREE Smart Traveller SIM at any Smart Shop and subscribe to Smart Laor! Data 6 or Smart Laor! Data 10 to get your discount code via SMS.​​

​You can also get your discount code by purchasing and activating any other Smart Traveller SIM. ​

Get your discount code when you activate a traveller SIM

Terms & Conditions

  • Special promotion from Grab x Smart Traveller SIM​
  • 50% discount 1 time capped at 12,000 KHR + 35% discount 2 times capped at 8,000 KHR each time​
  • The exclusive promocode is eligible for GrabTransport New Users only​
  • The promotion starts from November 01st, 2023 and valid for 30 days after receiving the code​
  • T&Cs apply​

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