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A huge cash prize of 10,000 USD could be yours in our E-Top Up to WIN promotion! Want to win?​

  • Simply e-top up at least 1.25 USD via SmartNas, the Smart website, any banking app or any Smart Dealer for your chance to win this grand prize.​
  • E-top up NOW to win NOW! You’ll win a prize with every e-top up of 1.25 USD or more. ​
  • Up for grabs are the grand prize of 10,000USD (x8), 100 USD cash (x2,000), the OPPO Find Series (x20), the OPPO Reno Series (x200), the Smart Hero II (x500), and million of data BONUESES.​

There’s no time to waste! Become a winner today. Prizes are available until May 31, 2023. You can easily e-top up here: ​

Terms & Conditions

1. This promotion runs from 07.06.22 until 31.05.23.​

2. This promotion is only available to Smart prepaid subscribers.​

3. To win a prize, subscribers must e-top up at least 1.25 USD (5,000 Riel) in a single transaction: ​

  •  Subscribers will not receive a prize with an e-top up of 1 USD.​
  •  Subscribers will receive one prize with an e-top up of 1.25 USD in a single transaction.​
  •  Subscribers will receive one prize with an e-top up of 2 USD or more in a single transaction.​

4. The eligible e-top up channels to win a prize are as follows: ​

  • SmartNas app – ​
  • Smart website – ​
  • Banking app of any of our more than 30 partners​
  • PINless and PIN e-top ups via Smart Dealers​

5. This promotion is not available with scratch cards.​

6. The prizes in this promotion are as follows: ​

  • Grand prize of 10,000 USD cash​
  • 100 USD cash​
  • OPPO Find Series, OPPO Reno Series​
  • Smart Hero II​
  • Millions of data bonuses​

7. Subscribers will receive prizes as follows:​

  • If a subscriber e-tops up their own number, then their phone number will win the prize.​
  • If a subscriber e-tops up for another person, then that person’s phone number will win the prize.​

8. Subscribers will receive a confirmation SMS when they win a prize. The SMS will contain a redemption code.​

9. If a subscriber wins the grand cash prize of 10,000 USD, they will be contacted directly by a Smart agent with details regarding prize redemption. During the the prize redemption, a video will be taken for our records and for marketing purposes.​

10. If a subscriber wins a 100 USD cash prize or smartphone, they can redeem it at their nearest Smart Shop. To redeem the prize, they must bring and present:​

  • The winning phone number that received the e-top up.​
  • The confirmation SMS containing the redemption code.​
  • A valid ID document or passport.​

11. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash equivalents or other prizes. ​

E-Top Up via bank partners

To make topping up easier, you can e-top up via any of our more than 30 bank partners. Simply use any of their banking apps to e-top up your Smart number by at least 1.25 USD and you’ll also win a prize instantly.

Top up with:

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