Swap to a 4G SIM and get a 300 USD bonus – it’s FREE of charge and you keep the same number!

Head to your nearest Smart Shop or dealer and enjoy faster Internet from Smart today!

Terms & Conditions

  • The FREE 300 USD bonus will be given as 100 USD/month for 3 months.
  • The bonus is only available to selected, active subscribers with a 4G phone using a 3G SIM.
  • Subscribers must present their ID card, Government ID, Passport or Monk ID, together with their active 3G SIM card to the agent for profile update/verification before the SIM swap.
  • In case the 3G SIM card is not active at the time of swapping, you are still able to swap to a 4G SIM card for FREE, but without the FREE on-net balance of 100 USD/month for 3 months BONUS.
  • The FREE 100 USD is provided each month for 3 consecutive months (90 days from SIM swap date) provided that the SIM card is under active status i.e. 100 USD for each month with 30 days validity and may not be carried forward. Example:
    Day 1 from SIM swap date Day 31 from SIM swap date Day 61 from SIM swap date
    First 100 USD Second 100 USD Third 100 USD
  • The FREE BONUS will still be applicable even if you switch tariffs.
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