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Are you still using a 3G SIM card? ​

Swap to a 4G SIM card at any Smart Shop and you’ll get a FREE 900 USD on-net BONUS! ​

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to buy the realme 6 at the special price of ONLY 199 USD, and with the phone, you’ll get a FREE 5% realme accessory discount voucher, Smart SIM card (worth 54 USD) and Smart ThomMorng! plan for 12 weeks.​

It’s FREE to swap, and you can keep the same number. You can check your SIM type by dialing *999#. This offer is available from now until April 30, 2021. T&Cs apply. ​

Visit your nearest Smart Shop today to swap your SIM card and enjoy these great gifts! ​

Terms & Conditions

  • The free 900 USD on-net bonus will be given as 300 USD per month for 3 months. ​
  • Customers are limited to 2 realme smartphones each at the offer price. ​
  • The bonus is only available to active subscribers using a 3G SIM card in a 4G phone. ​
  • The 5% discount voucher can only be used for purchasing 1 realme accessory at a Smart Shop. ​
  • You must present your national ID card, government ID card, monk ID card or passport, together with your active 3G SIM card, to the agent for profile update/verification before the SIM swap. ​
  • If the 3G SIM card is not active at the time of swapping, you are still able to swap for a 4G SIM card for free, but you will not receive the free on-net bonus.​
  • You will receive 300 USD each month for 3 consecutive months (for 90 days from the SIM card swap date) provided that the SIM card is in an active status. The 300 USD each month comes with a validity period of 30 days and may not be carried forward. So: ​
Day 1 from SIM swap date Day 31 from SIM swap date Day 61 from SIM swap date
First 300 USD Second 300 USD Third 300 USD
  • You will retain the free on-net bonus even if you switch tariff plans.

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