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Get ready for an improved mobile experience with Smart in Siem Reap! ​

​As part of our ongoing commitment to making our customers’ lives better, we’re upgrading our 4G network in the province, so it’ll be easier than ever before for you to stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 announcements, connect with your loved ones and access online services and entertainment from the safety of your home.​

​To celebrate, we’ve got some great offers for you to enjoy. Existing Smart prepaid subscribers in the province will be able to redeem 1GB of data for FREE in the SmartNas app any day from April 21 until May 21, 2021, so you can experience the new and improved Smart network and the faster Internet it enables. If you’re not a Smart subscriber, you can get 50% OFF any Smart 4G SIM cards with special numbers worth up to 54 USD! Simply visit any Smart Shop nationwide or Smart Dealer in the province from April 21 until June 30, 2021, to enjoy this special celebratory price.​

​Remember, you’ll also need a 4G phone and SIM card to enjoy our faster network. If you have a 3G SIM card, you can upgrade to a 4G SIM card for FREE at any Smart Shop, Smart Dealer or Smart Spot and get a FREE 900 USD on-net BONUS for three months!​

​We hope you enjoy Smart’s improved network in Siem Reap!​


Where to get discounted SIM?​

How to redeem free 1GB?​

  • 1

    Go to the SmartNas app to redeem the free 1GB offer.​
  • 2

    Enjoy the free 1GB data.​

Terms & Conditions

Free 1GB of data​

  • The data is only available to Smart prepaid subscribers (excluding Smart @Home subscribers) in Siem Reap who have been using a Smart SIM card in the province for at least 3 days prior to April 19, 2021.​
  • The data is valid for 5 days and can only be redeemed between April 21 and May 21, 2021.​
  • You can only redeem the data once.​
  • Your number must be active to redeem the data.​
  • The data is only redeemable in the SmartNas app.

50% off special SIM

No Number category Standard SIM price Discount %​ Price after Discount SIM Preloaded Main Balance
 1  Standard  $ 4.00  50%  $ 2.00  $2.00
 2  Iron  $ 16.50  50%  $ 8.25  $2.00
 3  Copper  $ 29.00  50%  $ 14.50  $2.00
 4  Bronze  $ 54.00  50%  $ 27.00  $2.00
 5  Silver  $ 129.00  0%  $ 129.00  $2.00
 6  Gold  $ 254.00   0%  $ 254.00  $2.00
 7  Platinum  $ 504.00   0%  $ 504.00  $2.00
  • Valid for all new SIM activations in all Smart Shops​
  • Offer is not applicable for Online SIM Booking​
  • Offer is available only for end users, and not available for enterprise customers, Smart @Home and dealers​
  • Offer is available by the end of June 30​
  • One ID card can purchase maximum 2 SIM cards during promotion period.​
  • The offer applicable from Standard to Bronze number category only.​

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