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This plan will no longer be available from March 1, 2023, in accordance with the announcement from the Association of Telecommunication Operators in Cambodia (A.T.O.C).​

Please subscribe to another plan in SmartNas before March 1, 2023. If you remain on this plan after this date, you will be automatically moved to another available plan. Check out our new Smart Loar! plans here.

 Waiting is fun when you’re entertained! With Smart StreamOn, you can banish the boredom blues with endless entertainment wherever you are. Watch thousands of movies and TV shows, get access to exclusive deals and use your BONUS balance to stay connected with friends and loved ones.

From as little as 2 USD/week, you’ll get a huge balance for on-net calls, SMS and data, a FREE subscription to Pleng Pro, plus VIP access to Soyo and JaiKonTV! Additionally, you’ll also get UNLIMITED data for TikTok, Facebook, LINE, WeChat and WhatsApp* with both available plans​ and instantly become a SmartVIP.

If you love social media and streaming videos, make your money go further and never be bored again with Smart StreamOn!


StreamOn 2 777 USD
StreamOn 8 3,333 USD
  • Fee
  • FREE VIP/Pro Subscription
  • Unlimited Access
  • Instant SmartVIP Membership
  • Other Benefits
  • Subscribe
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You can also subscribe and manage your account easily in the SmartNas app. Download it now!


  • FREE subscriptions to SoyoJaiKonTV and Pleng Pro​.
  • UNLIMITED data for TikTok, Facebook, LINE, WeChat and WhatsApp.
  • Instant SmartVIP membership​.
  • One FREE 2D/3D ticket per month at Major Cineplex (with Smart StreamOn 8 only).

Terms & Conditions

  • You will receive a notification once 95% and 99%  of your Smart StreamOn balance has been depleted.
  • The subscription fee is charged from your main balance.
  • Once you are subscribed to Smart StreamOn, you will receive the plan benefits immediately. 
  • The Smart StreamOn balance can be used for on-net calls, SMS and data. The Smart StreamOn balance can’t be used for other charged services, short codes, IVR-based services or premium numbers or services.
  • Watching videos originating from external sites (such as YouTube) will incur charges that will be deducted from your StreamOn balance.
  • Once you have run out of benefits included in your Smart StreamOn plan, standard charges from your main balance will apply.
  • Smart StreamOn will auto-renew if you have sufficient balance. If you don’t have sufficient balance, then the renewal will process immediately upon your next top up. Standard charges will apply until Smart StreamOn renews.
  • The benefits of your previous Smart plan will cease to apply once you have successfully subscribed to Smart StreamOn.
  • Add-ons and services you have activated/subscribed to, such as SurfLikeCrazy, will be retained once you have successfully subscribed to Smart StreamOn
  • Smart StreamOn subscribers can subscribe to any Smart service, except any other unlimited social media service.
  • To end the auto-renewal of Smart StreamOn, simply subscribe to another Smart plan. A fee will be charged based on the existing plan’s terms and conditions and your remaining plan benefits will be removed.
  • Smart Traveller SIM users can switch to Smart StreamOn, but all free units of Smart Traveller SIM will be removed. A switching fee of 50 cents will also be charged when you switch to either Smart StreamOn 2 or Smart StreamOn 8.
  • You can switch between Smart StreamOn plans. When you switch, your previous Smart StreamOn plan’s benefits will be removed. 
  • Extra StreamOn Balance add-ons are for Smart StreamOn subscribers only. 
  • The Smart StreamOn bonus balance charging rates are 6 cents/minute for on-net calls, 4 cents/on-net SMS and 4 cents/MB of data.
  • The main balance charging rates (while in Cambodia): 
    • Calls to Smart numbers are charged at 7 cents/minute.
    • SMS to Smart numbers are charged at 3 cents/SMS.
    • Data usage is charged at 2.5 cents/MB.
    • Calls to other networks are charged at 9 cents/minute.
    • SMS to other networks are charged at 5 cents/SMS. 
  • The Smart StreamOn 8 plan is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription/renewal.

SIM Card

SIM Card LifeCycle
  • Your top up validity is based on the amount of your last top up. However, if your previous top up validity is longer than that of your last top up, it will follow the longer one. 
  • To check the status and validity of your top up, dial *1201# or go into the SmartNas app.
  • Smart reserves the right to withdraw the phone number and SIM card and to close the account of any subscriber who fails to top up their number within 90 consecutive days of the expiry of their top up validity. After the top up validity expires:

    • The phone number’s outgoing services will be blocked for 60 days.
    • If there is no top up within the 60 days, the phone number’s incoming and outgoing services will be blocked for 30 days, and any remaining main balance will be cleared. 
    • If there is no top up within the 30 days (a total of 90 days have passed since the expiry of the top up validity), the phone number will be recycled and made available to other subscribers.

Add Extra

125 USD 30 cents

Dial *1700*700*125#

250 USD 50 cents

Dial *1700*700*250#
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