Get a 1000% BONUS every time you top up 1 USD or more with Smart Flexi1000. This means you can use your phone as much as you want, and if your balance runs out, simply top up for another huge BONUS!

To check your BONUS balance, dial *500*888#.

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Dial *500#


  • Enjoy all of Smart’s add-on services from main balance.
  • Top up when you need and instantly get a 1000% BONUS.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bonuses are only available for on-net calls and SMS plus data.
  • Your bonus balance can’t be used to purchase additional services, as they can only be purchased from your Smart main balance.
  •  Bonuses will only apply if your number is in active status. Find out more about validity periods of different top up amounts on our Top up information page.
  • Once your bonus balance is used up standard charging rates apply.
  • Data is charged at 2.5 cents/MB.
  •  Smart Flexi1000 is the default Smart plan and comes with a loaded main balance of 50 cents.
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Control and manage your balance, subscribe to services, top up and get more done anytime, anywhere.

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