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Get a 1,000% BONUS every time you top up 1 USD or more with Smart Flexi1000! Also, if you purchase and activate a new SIM card under the Smart Flexi1000 tariff plan, you’ll receive a 500 USD on-net BONUS every month for 3 months!

If you run out of balance, simply top up for another huge BONUS!

To check your BONUS balance, dial *1700*500*888#.

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Dial *1700*500#


  • Enjoy all of Smart’s add-on services from your main balance.
  • Get a 1,000% BONUS with every top up of 1 USD or more.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bonuses are only available for on-net calls, on-net SMS and data.
  • Your bonus balance can’t be used to purchase additional services; they can only be purchased with your Smart main balance.
  • Bonuses will only apply if your number is in an active status. Find out more about validity periods of different top up amounts on our top up information page.
  • Once your bonus balance has been depleted, standard charging rates will apply.
  • Data is charged at 2.5 cents/MB.
  • Smart Flexi1000 is the default Smart plan.
  •  Every new SIM card under the Smart Flexi1000 plan comes with a preloaded main balance of 50 cents.
  • It is free to switch to the Smart Flexi1000 plan from all other plans except Smart WeChat Go SIM. Once you switch, your existing plan’s benefits will be removed immediately and the terms and conditions of the Smart Flexi1000 plan will apply.
  • If a subscriber activates a SIM card with Smart Flexi1000 (free SIM program) as their first plan but does not top up within 14 days, the number will be recycled. 
  • If a subscriber activates a SIM card with Smart Flexi1000 (standardas sold by Smart ShopsSmart Dealers and distributors) as their first plan but does not top up within 68 days, the number will be recycled. 

SIM Card

SIM Card LifeCycle
  • Your top up validity is based on the amount of your last top up. However, if your previous top up validity is longer than that of your last top up, it will follow the longer one. 
  • To check the status and validity of your top up, dial *1201# or go into the SmartNas app.
  • Smart reserves the right to withdraw the phone number and SIM card and to close the account of any subscriber who fails to top up their number within 90 consecutive days of the expiry of their top up validity. After the top up validity expires:

    • The phone number’s outgoing services will be blocked for 60 days.
    • If there is no top up within the 60 days, the phone number’s incoming and outgoing services will be blocked for 30 days, and any remaining main balance will be cleared. 
    • If there is no top up within the 30 days (a total of 90 days have passed since the expiry of the top up validity), the phone number will be recycled and made available to other subscribers.
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