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Smart MiniCell is essentially a personal network tower for your business: it can improve network strength and coverage in your office or workplace through its connection to your Internet service. Smart MiniCell enhances the quality of your calls, SMS and mobile web surfing by boosting your cell signal, facilitating business growth and connectivity.​


Smart Mini Cell

Device feature

  • Improves cellular signal​
  • Wide coverage​
  • Quick and easy to install – plug and play​
  • Capacity of up to 32 users

How to use

  • Quick and easy to install – plug and play​
  • Ethernet cable connects to the router​

Suitable for

  • Offices and Banks​
  • Restaurants​
  • Cafes


  • You will receive an email/SMS notification when the device is disconnected due to power failure or the ISP link being down. Attached are simple steps you can follow to self-troubleshoot. ​
  • You will receive another email/SMS update once the device is reconnected, with brief instructions on how to reboot the device if it still does not work. ​
  • You can contact the corporate sales team or a dedicated support line if you can’t get it to work. Then technical team will help you get the device working again or recommend further steps if no solution can be found. ​


SPECIAL DEALS are available for Smart postpaid customers. If you are interested, please fill in our e-form and our sales team will contact you.​

​To check out the full package offers, contact us at [email protected] and our team will guide you to the plan most suitable for your business needs.


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