Facebook Flex

Want to use Facebook with zero balance? Smart introduces Facebook Flex, the new way to use Facebook, even when you run out of credit! Chat, post, like, comment and share even without credit on your phone with Facebook Flex, exclusively for Smart subscribers!

What is Facebook Flex?

Switch between free and paid Facebook versions by switching the button on the upper right corner. "Go to Free" gives you a basic version of Facebook where you can chat, like, comment and share without data charges. "See Photos" is a paid version, data is charged as usual, and offers full Facebook features.
First time Facebook users, enjoy Facebook’s full features entirely for FREE – no data charges apply – for the first 14 days upon you register for Facebook!

Steps to use Facebook Flex:

  1. Turn ‘mobile data’ on
  2. Open the Facebook app and switch the slider from “Go to Free” to “See Photos” to change between the free and paid version

Terms & Conditions:

  • Facebook Flex is only available for Smart subscribers.
  • Facebook Flex is only available on the Android app or the web version on any other devices.
  • Photos and videos will only be displayed in the paid version, the slider must be on “See Photos”.
  • When sliding to “Go to Free” (free version), data usage will not incur any data charges. When sliding to “See Photos” (paid version), standard data charges apply.
  • Only new, first time Facebook users are eligible for the 14-days FREE trial of all Facebook features (no data charges applying when using Facebook).


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