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Senior Data Engineer

May 31, 2022 | Database/Data Engineering/Data Analytics | 1 positions in Phnom Penh

Job responsibilities

This role will be responsible for building and maintaining the software infrastructure that enables computation over large data sets.

  • Create, optimize and maintain optimal data collection, flow and pipeline for data science POCs and industrialized solutions
  • Assemble, cleanse, integrate and transform large, complex data sets into model ready data
  • Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements, including automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, etc.
  • Build the infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and Cloudera ‘big data’ technologies
  • Build data cleansing, management and visualization tools that provide actionable insights into data features that might be relevant for POCs and industrialized solutions
  • Create data tools for Data Science and other analytics team members that assist them in building and optimizing POCs and industrialized solutions
  • Work with stakeholders including Data Scientists, Data Architects, commercial and other stakeholders to assist with data-related technical issues and support their data infrastructure needs
  • Work with data and analytics experts to strive for greater functionality in our data systems

Job requirements

Education & Qualification:

  • University graduate Computer science or in related field

Working Experience:

  • 3 years of working experience working in a data engineering
  • Experience building and optimizing ‘big data’ data pipelines, architectures and data sets is required.
  • Experience performing root cause analysis on internal and external data and processes to answer specific business questions and identify opportunities for improvement is required.
  • Experience of setup and manage on Cloudera technologies
  • Experience of using Big data tools such as: Hadoop, Sqoop. Flume, Web HDFS, Spark, Impala, Hive, Solr, etc.
  • Experience with Unix Shell scripts, Phyton, PL/SQL
  • Experience of UNIX, Linux and Windows platform

Specific Skills:

  • End to End Technical View (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to understand the telecommunications industry, the end to end architecture, value chain, systems and interconnect/inter-operation including process flows from customer to service in support of service delivery and the services from the customer demands to the delivery, in the context of your domain of expertise.
  • IT Governance (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to define, update, and implement the company information system management and audit policy
  • Process Improvement (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to understand business processes, improve internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and methods to make the unit more efficient
  • Business Support Systems (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to operate and maintain the company's various business support systems including convergence billing system, charging system, VAS system and CRM system
  • Architecture Design (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to set or select standards, patterns and practices for the development of software applications
  • Database Design (Expert): Knowledge and ability to specify, design, implement and maintain solutions for storage and access to both structured and unstructured information, in support of business information needs.
  • Release Management (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to manage processes, systems and functions to package, build, test and deploy changes and updates (which are bounded as releases) into a live environment, establishing or continuing the specified Service, to enable controlled and effective handover to Operations and the user community.
  • Software Quality (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to maintain software functional quality and software structural quality through the standards set buy the business (Code Style, Unit Testing, code version management)
  • Test Management (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to define and execute a test strategy and test plan that achieves to the quality goals of the organisation
  • Automation (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to identify new and alternative approaches to performing business activities and recognising the potential for automation of the processes, understand how to effect organisation change such that the identified process can then be automated, understand the tools and technologies that are used for the automation of business tasks, including all aspects of automation, technology and testing
  • Data Science and Analytics (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to organise, analyse, create value and interpret meaning from a wide range of data sources to solve business problems
  • IT Core Application Operations (Advanced): Knowledge on SDLC and ability to operate and document traditional IT applications - ERP/RA/CRM/ESB/CBS/IPCC/UPCC/Provisioning/Mediation/VAS/EVC/BI/DWH/ETL from supplied specifications in accordance with agreed Security Standards and Standard Operating Procedures.

General Skills:

  • Communication Skills (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to impart or exchange information by verbal, written or other means
  • Problem Solving (Troubleshooting) (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to analyse problems, identify the root cause, establish cause-and-effect linkages and propose solutions
  • Analytical Ability (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to understand, evaluate, interpret and analyse data
  • Digital Literacy (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to make use of digital technology in support of work functions

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