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OSS Engineer

April 16, 2021 | Telecom Engineers & Technicians | 1 positions in Phnom Penh

Job responsibilities

To conduct planning, operations, securing and maintenance of Operation Support Systems to ensure continuous application of relevant business flows, including handling of Change Management Processes, Workforce Management and other workflows to ensure continuous improvement of the processes and further development of the OSS to achieve better overall performance.

  •  To conduct planning and configuration of OSS to meet operational and business needs.
  • To perform preventive and corrective maintenance on OSS.
  • To define and implement Change Management and Workforce Management processes to ensure smooth operations and overall continuous improvement of processes.
  • To recommend development and changes to the OSS to achieve improved performance.
  • To define performance metrics for monitoring and evaluation of OSS performance.
  • To work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure smooth operations.
  • To work with other relevant parties on the interfacing and interaction of OSS with other platforms

Job requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Telecom or Computer Science.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics Science.
  • Minimum three (3) years of OSS experience
  • Minimum three (3) years of NMS experience
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience integration of NMS and OSS
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience Service Desk Management
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience with various telecommunications network and database systems/platforms
  • End to End Technical View (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to understand the telecommunications industry, the end to end architecture, value chain, systems and interconnect/inter-operation including process flows from customer to service in support of service delivery and the services from the customer demands to the delivery, in the context of your domain of expertise.
  • Change Management (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to define and manage processes for deploying and integrating new digital capabilities into the business in a way that is sensitive to and fully compatible with business operations.
  • Quality Assurance (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to ensure that the agreed quality standards within an organisation are adhered to and that best practice is promulgated throughout the organisation.
  • Process Improvement (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to understand business processes, improve internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and methods to make the unit more efficient
  • Networks and service platform engineering (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to implement networks and service platforms based on given architecture
  • Networks and service monitoring (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to diagnose technical problems and ensure continuous improvement of both the quality of service delivered and the network's operational efficiency
  • Operations and Maintenance (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to maintain telecommunications systems and equipment to ensure effective operational performance and continuity of service
  • Transmission Networks (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to manage and operate mobile transport networks
  • Energy management (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to manage energy and power to ensure continuous and efficient operations
  • Circuit switching technology (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to design, install, bring online, operate, optimize and maintain circuit switched networks
  • Packet switching technology (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to design, install, bring online, operate, optimize and maintain packet switched networks
  • IP networks (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to design, install, bring online, operate, optimize and maintain IP networks
  • IT Infrastructure (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to define, implement, update, and support the IT infrastructure (hardware, software, data storage and equipment within wide and local area networks
  • Virtualization, network and software virtualization and Cloud Services (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to deploy and manage virtual infrastructure, platforms and cloud services to increase the efficiency, utilization and flexibility of the network and services
  • System / Hardware Administration (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to administrate, troubleshoot and define all system/ hardware requirements, capacities and capabilities to meet the company's needs.
    General skills
  • Communication Skills (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to impart or exchange information by verbal, written or other means
  • Problem Solving (Troubleshooting) (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to analyse problems, identify the root cause, establish cause-and-effect linkages and propose solutions
  • Business Acumen (Foundational): Knowledge and abilities related to the business, operating model, strategic priorities and customer needs
  • Customer Oriented (Intermediate): Knowledge and techniques related to understanding and delivering value to the customer
  • Analytical Ability (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to understand, evaluate, interpret and analyse data
  • Vendor/Stakeholder Management (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to manage all internal and external parties who are involved in the delivery of required services and/or technology
  • Digital Literacy (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to make use of digital technology in support of work functions

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