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Junior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

February 28, 2022 | Database/Data Engineering/Data Analytics | 1 positions in Phnom Penh

Job responsibilities

  • Install, maintain and monitor servers and virtual machines, and support daily operations to ensure that server provisioning, decommissioning and achieving security compliance meet timing expectations.
  • Deploy servers based on demand from application or business teams, and ensure requests are fulfilled on time.
  • Support and maintain servers after deployment to ensure that requests and issues are properly responded.
  • Perform backup and restoration tests to make sure systems are well protected for data loss cases.
  • Configure monitoring and then monitor servers’ and applications’ health to maintain the needed availability and performance.
  • Apply system patches and security controls to minimize and mitigate systems security vulnerability.
  • Configure and support applications and systems owners to have the right Internet access for server to minimize the risk of exposing servers to the Internet.
  • Support application/business team to deploy and publish web/application on the Internet.
  • Maintain and track device stock and asset inventory.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor degree in IT or related field
  • One year of hands-on experience with Linux and/or Windows operating systems
  • Experience of working on backup systems, monitoring systems, and virtualization is ad-vantage
  • Understand of TCP/IP principles
  • Knowledge of Virtualization principles; General understanding of backup and monitoring systems
  • Good in English, both written and spoken
  • Communication skills, Customer focus

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