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Phnom Penh, December 17, 2020 – The search is on for Cambodia’s model citizen – and the person selected will win 10,000 USD.

Over the next four months, Smart Axiata aims to find the person who has done the most for their country, neighbor, village or province. The initiative, entitled the Smart Good Citizen Award, is part of the company’s Rise Together campaign.

The Rise Together campaign is intended to promote unity among Cambodians throughout the country. It consists of a dedicated campaign video, a specially created theme song featuring Pleng artists, various CSR activities, and the Smart Good Citizen Award, which aims to recognize Cambodians whose heart is in the right place.

The CEO of Smart Axiata, Thomas Hundt, said: “With Cambodia facing several challenges, we at Smart want to remind Cambodians that togetherness and unity are the keys to overcoming today’s obstacles. To encourage these, we have created the Smart Good Citizen Award to find the country’s model citizen.”

Smart Axiata is asking people to nominate the person who has done the best deed for their friends, neighbors, villagers or fellow Cambodians.

“At Smart Axiata, we are always amazed at the kindness of Cambodians,” Thomas added. “It is this quality that we want to highlight and promote to help us all overcome any challenges that we may face together.”

As organizers of the award, Smart Axiata expects thousands of Cambodians to nominate someone who has done a good deed. Those wanting to take part are being asked to fill in a nomination form, which is available at

Nominators are only allowed to nominate one person and must provide the contact details of the nominee as well as a brief description of the deed that the person has been nominated for.

Nominators are also asked to provide a digital photo or video of their choice. The most deserving nominees will be contacted by the organizers to find out more about their background as well as the deed that they have been nominated for. The organizers will then post details of the nominee in question. All posts are at the discretion of the organizers.

The organizers plan to shortlist 10 nominees who will then appear at an award ceremony. A winner will be selected by a panel of three judges. The names of the judges will be unveiled at the beginning of 2021.

The Smart Good Citizen Award initiative aims to highlight the selflessness of Cambodians in their interactions with friends, neighbors and others in their community.

“This is a campaign that all Cambodians can take part in for the good of their compatriots and country,” Thomas said. “We call on all Cambodians to get behind this concept and take part.”

Smart Axiata’s Rise Together campaign was launched on November 23, 2020, with the release of the Rise Together campaign video.

For more information, follow the Smart for Cambodia Facebook page at or visit

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