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Smart Axiata introduces Smart Wi-Fi Calling

Phnom Penh, 17th December 2018: Smart Axiata launched Cambodia’s first Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) service, allowing Smart customers to make and receive calls and SMS over any Wi-Fi connection worldwide. Smart’s commercial name of the service is Smart Wi-Fi Calling.

The technology allows Smart customers with a 4G SIM card and a device supporting the service to use Smart for calls and SMS on any Wi-Fi network anywhere, anytime, seamless in the same way as if it were on a cellular connection. This is especially relevant for use at weak or no mobile signal locations as well as in roaming over a Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the world.

Stjepan Udovicic, Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Axiata, called the launch of Smart Wi-Fi Calling an important milestone to achieve Smart’s goal of offering the very best mobile experience available in Cambodia.

“Smart takes great pride in offering the latest and most advanced mobile technology to our subscribers across the country and today’s launch is another great example of Smart leading the way in the Kingdom and in the broader region. As Smart continues to rollout 4.5G services throughout Cambodia, the introduction of Smart Wi-Fi Calling will further ensure reliable calls for all Smart customers in Cambodia and a completely worry-free experience when roaming abroad. Simply said, any Wi-Fi connection is now a part of the Smart network” he explained.

“Even if a customer is at a location with weak or no mobile signal, provided there is an available Wi-Fi connection, s/he will be able to make and receive calls in a way that wasn’t possible before. Such calls will be treated as regular calls in Cambodia. To clarify, let’s have these two simple examples: 1) a customer is in an elevator without mobile coverage but with an available stable Wi-Fi connection – her calling experience will be smooth and at quality of reception close to perfect. 2) While travelling abroad to Singapore (or elsewhere), when she logs into a hotel or airport Wi-Fi, from that moment onward the Smart network will consider her to be in Cambodia. So when s/he places a call to Smart, it will be considered a local call to Smart at no extra charge. So, no more roaming charges for making or receiving calls! That is truly a revolutionary service that changes the game. Smart is the only operator in Cambodia that offers such a service and one of the few in our broader region”, he added.

A wide range of devices made by Samsung, Huawei and Apple supports Smart Wi-Fi Calling from the start:

  • Samsung Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6 Plus, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A9, Galaxy J2 Pro, Galaxy J4 Core, Galaxy J4+, Galaxy J6+, Galaxy J7, Galaxy J8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note9,
  • Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, P20, P20 Pro, Nova 3, Nova 3i, Nova 3lite,
  • Apple iPhone 6 and later with iOS 12.1.1.

To activate VoWi-Fi, simply enable the Wi-Fi Calling function in your phone settings:

  • For Android devices, go to “Settings” -> “Connection” -> Enable “Wi-Fi Calling”,
  • For Apple iOS devices, go to “Settings”-> “Cellular” -> Enable “Wi-Fi Calling”.

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