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PHNOM PENH, 19th November 2015 – The leading telecommunication company, Smart Axiata has expanded their music content with a partnership with BEC TERO, bringing a large variety of music choices to Cambodia while refreshing its Smart Music app towards a better and greater one.

BEC-TERO Entertainment Public Co., Ltd. is an entertainment conglomerate in Thailand that organizes and promotes concerts, owns record labels and television shows. As Smart and BEC-TERO enter into this content partnership, Sony Music Entertainment and many well-known music labels will be a big addition to its existing music content portfolio. Most popular and recent English, Thai, Japanese and Korean songs of artists like One Direction, Adele, Avril Lavigne, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus are under Sony Music Entertainment and they will come in one package to the Cambodian market through Smart. Moreover there will be contents of K-Pop artists from big Korean music labels like YG Entertainment (BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, iKON) and JYP Entertainment (2PM, WONDER GIRLS, miss A, GOT7) together with J-Pop contents from AVEX Group (Ayumi Hamasaki, KumiKoda, NamieAmuro, EXILE) via this partnership.

Mr. Paul Manatthaworn, General Manager of BEC-TERO Music under BEC-TERO Entertainment Public Co., Ltd. disclosed “BEC-TERO Music is the top Digital Content Hub specialist in Thailand, offering a variety of contents covering Thai, international and Asian music. With the common business direction and target of Smart and BEC-TERO Music in finding an alliance to expand music business base in Southeast Asian, Smart is a promising company, successfully leading the telecommunication market in Cambodia. Today we are pleased to join hand with Smart officially delivering international music from Sony Music, Asian music from YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and AVEX Group, as well as Thai music from BEC-Tero to serve listeners in Cambodia. We believe that the cooperation will complete and reinforce each other while giving new music listening experiences and innovative ideas catering the lifestyle of today’s consumers and achieving Southeast Asia’s Digital Content Hub together.”

Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart, expressed his excitement towards this partnership “Last month, we signed agreements with 6 production houses in Cambodia covering more than 80% of the local music content for customers to experience in our Smart Music App. Today, we set out the next step to create a better music experience for Cambodians. This partnership with BEC TERO means more choices of music for Cambodia and it will take listeners on the journey through music they love to listen to in more choices of languages such as English, Thai, Japanese and K-Pop.”

Thomas continued, “As we are enlarging our music content, we are happier than ever to refresh its library as well. We like to share the best way we could enjoying music to its fullest: Smart Music App 2.0 – a new version for music streaming anywhere, anytime. Isn’t it nice that you can search for music based on your current mood? Now, Smart Music App comes with a new interface, more features, more user friendly than before so you will never want to stop listening to music.”

Smart Music App first version launched in April 2015 as the first ever music streaming app in Cambodia. Today, Smart has carried it to the next version. This brand new music app comes with the changes in the way you listen to music. The whole interface has been completely refreshed. New features have been equipped to give you a better experience while you are enjoying your music. Smart Music App Phase 2 understands music consumers like never before. Mood, as a unique new feature, enables you to find the right track or album that fits your current mood at best. There is no reason that you would listen to a sad song when you are happy or vice versa. In addition to the Universal Music contents, now Khmer songs, Sony Music, K-Pop, Thai and Japanese songs, a combination of more than 1 000 000 songs, will come in one place and you can enjoy all and most recent soundtracks and albums of your favorite artists. And, you can save music to listen in when you are offline too. Lastly, you can activate your most favorite songs as Smart Tunes caller ring back tones right out of the app. Smart Music App is the best way you can listen to music and besides the massive improvements in its content and interface, the price remains the most affordable among all, only 30c per week.

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