vTalk vFun

This service allows Smart subscribers—both callers and receivers—to play all sorts of fun and emotive sounds and songs while they keep in touch with friends and family.

Once connected, the caller’s number will be charged based on the tariff plan. Speakers on either end of the conversation will be able to use the keypad to exchange sounds and songs.


  • 2 cents/day for subscription fee
  • 1 cent/min to change sound

How to use:

  • To activate, send [ON] to [6363] or dial 6363.
  • To use vTalk vFun, dial [6363] [Friend’s number].
  • To change existing sound, dial 6363.
  • To deactivate, send [OFF] to [6363].


  • Your friend numbers need to be within Smart’s network only.
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