Smart Voice Mail

Now, missing a call doesn’t mean you miss an important message from friends or family. Smart Voice Mail gives your callers the option to leave you a voice message in your mail box that you can listen to when your phone is available again. 

 Even more exciting, with Celebrity Voice, Smart subscribers using the voice mail service can choose from a wide selection of voices to record their message in.  Both the caller and recipient will be given the option to leave a message in a celebrity’s voice, with a wide selection of voices to choose from.

How to use:

  Code Fee
Activation Send [ON] to 6767 2 cents/day
Retrieving Voice Mail Call to 6767 2 cents/min
Deactivation Send [OFF] to 6767 -
Leave voice mail * - 2 cents/min
Using Celebrity Voice - 2 cents/min


  • All charges are deducted from main balance.
  • * 2 cents/min will be deducted from main balance of the one who leaves the Voice Mail.
  • This service is applicable for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.
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