Share2Talk lets you share phone credit with friends and family whenever you wish.


  • 10 cents per successful transfer (deducted from the sender’s main balance only)

How to use:

Step 1: to activate, dial *000*1# 
Step 2: you will receive an SMS with a password (please use this password for all Share2Talk transactions)
Step 3: to share your phone credit, dial *100*[receiver's number]*[amount in USD]*[password]# 
Example: To share 3 USD to number 010 222 345 -> *100*010222345*3*123456# 

  • To change password: *000*[old password]*[6 digits new password]# 
  • To deactivate: *000*2# 


  • Amount to be shared must be a whole number. Ex: 1, 2, 3 (for 3 USD)
  • To share credit balance, sender needs to have a main balance of at least 1 USD more than the total amount to be shared.
  • Bonuses, free minutes, SMS, MMS, and GPRS cannot be shared or transferred.
  • Validity of the shared amount will correspond with the amount’s validity for the recipient.
  • This service is applicable for all Prepaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.
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