iChat iFun

Keep your privacy while chatting. iChat iFun is the new way to connect. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.  iChat iFun is a Smart service that connects you to countless people who can enjoy chatting from everywhere in Cambodia.


  • 2 cents/day for service fee
  • 5 cents/min (minute-based charging)
  • 5 cents/SMS

How to use:

  • To subscribe,
    • Via IVR: simply dial 5757 and follow instructions
    • Via SMS: simply SMS [ON] to [5757]
  • To unsubscribe
    • Via IVR: simply dial 5757 and follow instructions
    • Via SMS: simply SMS [OFF] to [5757]
  • For New users, when 5757 is dialed, you will be directed to the following options:
    • Choose your language 
    • Recording of the currently activated user is played. 
    • You are then asked to confirm whether you want to chat with this user ID or move on to the next recording. 
    • Once you have selected a particular Chat ID to chat with, your registration is complete and you will receive an SMS confirming your successful registration as well as your Chat ID. You are now all set to chat and find new friends by just dialing 5757 again.
  • If you already know your friend’s chat ID, to make a call, simply dial or SMS [5757][your friend’s Chat ID].
  • If you do not want to receive any chat from your friends, simply log out and log back in when you are ready to chat.
  • To log in and log out:
    • Via IVR, dial 5757 and press 5 
    • Via SMS, simply SMS [LOGIN] or [LOGOUT] to 5757 
  • If you want to block any particular chatter, simply SMS [BLOCK] [CHAT ID] to 5757. To unblock, simply SMS [UNBLOCK] [CHAT ID] to 5757.
  • If you forget your CHAT ID, simply SMS [CHAT ID] to 5757.
  • If you want, you can always update your personal information, changing your preference and language by simply dialing 5757.


  • All chats are recognized by CHAT ID. Your phone numbers that you use to register will be not be shown.
  • All calls, SMS and service fees are charged from main balance only.
  • This service is applicable for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.
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