iCall uPay

No credit but you need to call your friend?  Or do you have lots of unused minutes that you want to share with your friends? iCall uPay is the service for you.

This service allows Smart subscribers (Caller A) to initiate a call to another Smart user (Recipient B), and charge the fees to Recipient B’s number based on a tariff plan.


  • 3 cents per day for subscription.

How to use:

  • To activate, send [ON] to [6565] or dial 6565
  • To deactivate, send [OFF] to [6565]
  • To make a call via iCall uPay, dial 6565 + your friend’s number. For example, dial 6565010123456.


  • After Caller A’s number has subscribed to iCall uPay successfully, it will not be charged when dialling 6565 + B’s number even if A’s number balance is zero.
  • When B’s number has connected to a call from A’s number successfully, B’s number will bear the call’s charge based on a tariff plan. If B’s number does not have enough balance and free minutes, then the system will disconnect the call.
  • There is a minimum main balance of 3 cents to make a iCall uPay call.
  • Your friend’s number needs to be a Smart number.
  • This service is applicable for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.
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