Smart Loan

With Smart Loan, you can request an advance credit of 50 cents and now also available in 20 cents for all network usage.


  • Service Fee of 5 cents for 20 cents* 
  • Service Fee of 10 cents for 50 cents*
  • 1 cent / time if you want to check Smart Loan history!

How to Use:

  • To request Smart Loan 20 cents, dial *911*20# 
  • To request Smart Loan 50 cents, dial *911#
  • To check Smart Loan history, send blank SMS to [9111]


  • To obtain Smart Loan, subscribers must meet all the following conditions:
    • Be an active, Prepaid subscriber.
    • Not a debtor.
    • Be registered and activated in the network of more than 90 days and make at least 6 top ups in the past 6 months.
    • Subscribers who have zero balance (barred out going call) are allowed to use Smart Loan but the loan amount is valid for only 4 days.
  • This service is applicable for all Prepaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.

* The amount will be deducted from your next top up.

Related FAQS

What is Smart Loan?

When you run out of credit and want to make a call or SMS or use internet, you can request Smart Loan (50 cents or 20 cents) for all network usage. 

How can I get Smart Loan?

To request for Smart Loan 50 cents, please dial *911# press send
To request for Smart Loan 20 cents, please dial *911*20# press send

How much will I pay back?

You will pay back via main balance by the time you top up. Loan 50 cents will pay back 60c and Loan 20 cents will pay back 25c.

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