Smart FriendLoan

Loan credits from your friends whenever you need to via Smart FriendLoan. It’s as easy as dialling 6565.

How it works!

Say for example on 1st August 2014, you, the Requester, request a 20 cents loan from a friend, the Giver, the system will:

  • Deduct 23 cents from your friend, the Giver’s, credit after they have accepted your request.
  • 18 cents will then be added to your, the Requester’s, main balance.
  • The missing 5 cents is service fee.

Then say on 10th August 2014, You top up your credit, the system will:

  • Deduct 20 cents from your credit.
  • 20 cents will then be returned to your friend, the Giver.
  • If you have many Friend Loan requests to the Giver, the process of paying back the loans will be done on a First In First Out basis.

Terms and Conditions

  • To be able to receive the loan, the Giver needs to have:
    • A minimum of 23 cents on their main balance to give 18 cents to their friends
    • A minimum of 55 cents on their main balance to give 45 cents to their friends
    • A minimum of 1.10 USD on their main balance to give 90 cents to their friends
  • As a user of the Smart Friend Loan, you receive the same standard benefits (bonuses, validity, lifecycle) as regular top up users base on your tariffs, after your request has been accepted and the system has successfully added the loan to your balance.

  • You may request numerous loans from the same or different friends as many times as he/she wants as long as the friends accept the request.  Likewise, a Giver can accept as many as requests from the same or different friends as like as long as they have enough on their balance.

  • If a loan request has not been accepted after 90 days, loan collection will stop automatically.

  • Smart subscribers can request both a Smart Loan and a Smart Friend Loan at the same time if they meet the conditions for each service.

  • This service is applicable for all Prepaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.

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