Smart Hospital Insurance

Register for Smart Hospital Insurance today, and get up to 10 USD each night you stay at the hospital!

Underwritten by BIMA, the world’s leading provider of mobile-delivered insurance and health services in emerging markets, and exclusively available to Smart customers.

What is Smart Hospital Insurance?

Accidents and injuries might happen when we least expect it and the resulting hospital stay can cause a lot of financial stress. With Smart Hospital Insurance, you can stop worrying about money and focus on getting better. Our cover will pay you up to 10 USD for every night you stay in the hospital.*

*Subject to Terms & Conditions

What are the Benefits?

*For a maximum of 20 days per month.
*Subject to a minimum of 2 consecutive nights per visit, and a maximum of 30 days of hospitalisation per year.

How to Register

How to Make a Claim


Terms and conditions

  1. To subscribe and receive cover, you must be between 18 and 59 years old.
  2. Premium deductions will begin on the first day of the month following registration and cover will begin the month after. E.g. Premium deductions for a customer registered on 15th January will begin on 1st February, and cover will begin on 1st March.
  3. Claims are only valid for hospital stays of two or more consecutive days.
  4. If the full premium amount is not collected in a single month, customers may be eligible for partial insurance cover according to the table below. Unused premium will be rolled over to the following month.
    Amount Deducted Percentage Cover Deduction Cover (per night stayed at the hospital) Credit Rolled into Following Month
    0 cent to 39 cents 0% 25 cents 0 cent 25 cents
    40 cents to 79 cents 25% 62 cents 2.50 USD 22 cents
    80 cents to 1.19 USD 50% 1.10 USD 5 USD 30 cents
    1.20 USD to 1.59 USD 75% 1.55 USD 7.5 USD 35 cents
  5. Claims must be initiated within 3 months of hospitalization.
  6. Processing of claims will commence after the following documents are submitted:
    a. Proof of enrolment (insurance confirmation SMS or cover SMS).
    b. Identification document (National ID card, family book, driver’s license or passport).
    c. Evidence of hospitalisation (diagnosis card with clear details of admission and discharge dates; patient’s name, age and sex; admission complaints; investigations carried out; treatment given; doctor’s rubber stamp and signature or payment receipt and the final bill).
  7. Claims will not be paid for hospitalisation due to:
    a. Self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide or treatment obtained due to non-adherence to medical advice;
    b. Treatment obtained for injuries or surgeries due to direct participation in military exercises;
    c. Strikes, riots and civil commotion, political unrest and terrorism;
    d. Drugs or alcohol addiction;
    e. Pre-existing or recurrent conditions;
    f. Complication in pregnancy, childbirth or birth control;
    g. Elective treatment or cosmetic surgery;
    h. Dental treatment or surgery;
    i. Psychiatric or psychological conditions;
    j. Circumcision or vaginal membrane repairs;
    k. Venereal disease or any sexually transmitted disease or sickness.
  8. The policy can be cancelled by calling the BIMA hotline on 010 242 248. Premium deductions will be stopped within 48 hours.
  9. This service is applicable for all Prepaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.
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