Smart phone users who love to chat should get to know about Smart’s uChat service. Chatting is more fun with uChat. Key features create a whole new experience for users. Now the fun is truly unlimited!

Online or offline, don’t worry. Your chat will be delivered!

Connecting to the internet might not be an option if your battery is drained. Whatever the reason, don’t let yourself miss messages from friends. When you’re offline, uChat will automatically convert an online chat to SMS mode. You can even chat with non-uChat users. These chats will be converted into SMS form as well.

Lots of sticker options available!

With uChat’s wide range of stickers, you can use funny images and let your friends know how you feel. Sometimes, trying to express your feelings in a text can be hard. Let stickers help you out!

Don’t feel like typing? Send voice recordings, pictures and other attachments instead!

You don’t have to type if you don’t want to. We know that typing in Khmer can be difficult for lots of people. uChat makes life easy with its voice recording option. Send your voice to your uChat friends! Send anything from photos to short video clips!


  • Only 2 cents/day for subscription.
  • 1 cent per sticker, per SMS, or per voice record sent.

How to use:

Step 1: Download uChat App  from Google Playstore.
Step 2: Enter [Your Name] and [Mobile Number] and you are all set.

  • To be able to send and receive content such as voice recordings, photos and other attachments, both parties need to be online.
  • All charges are deducted from main balance only.
  • To unsubscribe, simply send [OFF] to [7878].
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