Facebook SMS

Facebook SMS by Smart

Facebook gives everyone the power to share with the people they care about. Facebook SMS from Smart enables everybody to receive and send messages, wall posts, add friends and  update status via SMS text messages!


  • FREE notification received and only 1cent/SMS sent out!

How to use:

What do you want to do? Command Short Code Example
Susbcribe to Facebook fb 32665 Send fb to 32665
Stop subscribe to Facebook stop 32665 Send stop to 32665
Restart subscribe to Facebook on 32665 Send on 32665
Subscribe friend sub 32665 Send sub[your friend's name] to 32665
Unsubscribe friend unsub 32665 Send unsub[your friend's name] to32665
Update your status   32665 Send message to 32665
Reply comment     Reply message
Send message poke 32665 Send poke [your friend's name] to 32665
Reply message     Reply message
Add friend add 32665 Send add [your friend's name] to 32665
Delete your latest status update undo 32665 Send undo to 32665
Search profile info info 32665 Send info [your friend's name] to 32665
Get help on commands help 32665 Send help to 32665


  • You need to have a Facebook account
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