MUM Health Care

New mothers may find it hard to access information that could help during their pregnancy and after child birth.

Smart Mum Health Care IVR Service aims to keep new mothers in the loop. The service provides key information on pregnancy and postnatal care, to ensure that young mothers understand how to take care of their health. Updates include do’s and don’ts, nutrition tips, vaccination advice and other information that will help keep mothers safe.


  • Free of charge for all Smart subscribers
  • Other networks’ subscribers – charge is based on their respective tariff plans

How to use:

  • Dial 686 to be directed to the following info topics: 
    • Press 1: For information on pregnancy and safe delivery 
    • Press 2: For information on vaccinations 
    • Press 3: For information on breastfeeding and solid meals 
    • Press 4:  For information on child development 
    • Press 5: For information on diarrhea 
    • Press 6: For information on pneumonia
    • Press 7: For information on other diseases
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