4G LTE? What does it mean? Well, in a nutshell it means speed. Speed and lots of it!


What is 4G LTE?

4G LTE is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. Its predecessor 3G set the bar for mobile communications in recent years, but this next gen technology goes above and beyond. In addition to the usual voice and other services of 3G, a 4G LTE system provides ultra-fast Internet access to mobile devices.

4G LTE network was officially launched in Cambodia by Smart on 22nd January 2014.

The fastest mobile Internet in Cambodia

4g Lte In Cambodia

Using a 4G LTE smartphone on Smart's 4G LTE network means you can download files from the Internet with fastest mobile Internet in Cambodia.

Why 4G LTE?

4g Lte Cambodia SmartSpeed

Since the average speed of a 4G LTE connection is the fastest mobile Internet in Cambodia, you can do everything from streaming to downloading and sharing at really fast speeds on your wireless device. Oh! And online games, of course. You can also play those at really fast speeds.


4G LTE makes your browsing experience so much more rewarding. No downtimes when loading pages, no endless waits for pages with videos or lots of images to download. Browsing is now literally a whole new experience with 4G LTE.

Downloading & Streaming

Play the highest spec games around, one’s that require super quick download speeds, it’s all effortless on your 4G LTE device. Don’t believe me? See the difference for yourself. Not only does the game play uninterrupted, there is no loading time, so you see smoother streaming and enjoy better video quality.

Video Chat

No more grainy images, echoed voices and call drops when you’re video chatting. Use video chat apps to connect with your family and friends anywhere, anytime.

Smart remains committed to using the latest technologies available to give you the best Internet experience.

Are you 4G LTE ready?


Smart 4g Lte Cambodia

Smart 4G LTE has recently launched in 25 provinces and has also been expanded to cover Phnom Penh citywide, so you can use 4G LTE in all areas of the capital.


Smart’s 4G LTE network works with any 4G LTE enabled devices that are supporting LTE band 3, regardless of whether you purchased the 4G LTE device from Smart or not. Check here if your phone supports 4G LTE.

Where to buy 4G LTE devices?

Visit any Smart Shop to check if your phone is 4G LTE ready. If your phone is not 4G LTE ready, you can buy a 4G LTE device at any of our shops. Find your nearest store here Locate a store


Swap Your SIM

If you are still using a standard SIM, you have to swap your SIM to a 4G LTE SIM. SIM Swap is free of charge.

Locate a store

Related FAQS

How much data do I need?

The amount of data you need depends on how you want to use the features. Some types of files or features use a lot of data. These include:

  • downloading music, photos, movies and software
  • software updates
  • streaming video (such as YouTube)
  • playing online games
  • sending emails with large files attached (such as video, music or picture files)
  • uploading—uploading files towards your total data use, such as loading photos and videos onto your social networking homepage
  • video and voice calling

If you plan to regularly do any of these things, a larger data allowance will suit you better. If you mainly browse the web and send emails, a smaller allowance may be enough (Click here to learn more about our internet packages).

Tips to manage your data usage

There are 3 steps you can take to minimize your data charges:

     1. Choose any of Smart’s SurfLikeCrazy plans – dial *087# to select your preferred one (click here to view all our internet packages) or alternatively use Smart Xchange – dial *656*100# for the 1 USD to 20 USD package, or dial *656*50# (click here for more details on Smart Xchange) for the 50 cents to 8 USD package.

     2. Turn off apps or features of your phone which automatically use data in the background if you want to control your data consumption in full. Some smartphone features like app background refresh, geographical location updates, email push, push notifications and others use up data in the background but can be easily turned off in the settings menu of your smartphone

     3. Manually shut applications you use on your phone to make sure they don’t keep using data in the background. Some apps keep running in the background even you’ve switched away from them.

Happy surfing.

Where is Smart’s 4G LTE network?

Smart 4G LTE network immediately reaches more than 4 million Cambodians in 25 provinces, right where they live.

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